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MGP; Silya returns, and tickets on sale tomorrow!

Yesterday, NRK announced the hosts for next year’s Melodi Grand Prix. And the good news is that Silya Nymoen is back as Kåre Magnus Bergh’s partner! They hosted the 2015 and 2016 finals together, and a lot of viewers missed their fun way of hosting last year.

Silya returns

Silya said she thinks it’s great being back as a host again. She added; “I’m really looking forward to working with Kåre Magnus again.”
Stig Karlsen, the Norwegian Eurovision Head of Delegation, and as such also responsible for Melodi Grand Pris said;

I’m very happy to have Silya be part of the team again. She is a born entertainer, with a lot of charm, attitude and musicality. Partnering with Kåre Magnus Bergh they always make a great show.

Melodi Grand Prix 2018 takes place on Saturday, February 11, in Oslo Spektrum. The tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, Friday 11th of December.

Artists and songs

As a first; this year, the songs will be presented at the same time as the artist reveal! And as we have reported earlier; this happens on Monday January 15th. During a press conference, where escXtra will of course be present, both the ten artists and their songs will be revealed!
Stig Karlsen continues;

We are very much looking forward to presenting a solid line-up of 10 great songs, artists and songwriters. Everybody know that MGP will be a party with confetti and pyro, but no one will doubt that the music is the main thing.

Get up and dance!

He also says that this year’s MGP entries are the sort of music to make people wanna get up and dance. So much that they are planning on removing “hundreds of chairs” from the floor in Spektrum, so that the keenest dancers will have room enough to dance.
Make sure to look out for more news regarding Melodi Grand Prix! And do not miss our coverage of the song and artist reveal on January 15th! 

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