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Eugene Filatov rounds up Vidbir 2018 panel

Ukraine’s National Broadcaster, STB, has revealed that Eugene Filatov will round up the panel of music experts for their upcoming national selection, Vidbir 2018.
Eugene Filatov is an eminent name in Ukraine’s music scene. His impressive resume includes being the main vocalist for The Maneken on one hand, but also the producer behind ONUKA on the other.
In addition to that, Eugene’s out of the box creativity and music talent have brought him to the modern day Ukrainian pop scene. He has collaborated with the likes of Ani Lorak, Tina Karol, Gaitana and Svetlana Loboda.
You can listen to Eugene’s band, The Maneken here ⇓

Eugene Filatov at Vidbir

Rather than just focusing on the now, Eugene is looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Vidbir. Below you can read his statement:

Over the past few years in Ukraine, we can note the rapidly growing perspective of the development of new and interesting music. Every year we have more and more independent musicians who sound qualitatively. Therefore, I place great hopes on this competition. I want it to launch new first-class artists, so that the sounded trend remains in the years to come.

Vidbir 2018

The third edition of the festival will be organized and sponsored by STB. This arrangement between the production company and Ukraine’s National Broadcaster helps the country with the financial aspect of participating at the contest. With that being said, UA:PBC is only responsible for paying Ukraine’s participation fee and costs associated with competing at Eurovision.
The show will consist of three live shows that both STB and UA:PBC’s Channel 1 will broadcast.
10 February: Semi-final 1
17 February: Semi-final 2
24 February: Grand Final
Interested performers can submit their entries to STB here until January 15th 2018.

Ukraine at Eurovision

Despite a rather disappointing debut in 2003, Ukraine came back strong the following year winning the contest in 2004 with Ruslana’s “Wild Dances”. Their second win came exactly twelve years later in 2016 with Jamala’s “1944”.
On a less successful note, their worst scoring entry is last year’s host entry “Time” by O Torvald. Finishing 24th overall out of 26 competing countries.

The Xtra Files: We Review Ukraine’s ‘Time’ by O. Torvald!

However, Ukraine has had more ups than downs in the contest and we’re certain that Vidbir will be a success once more. Will it bring a third victory?
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