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ALEKSEEV to take part in Vidbir 2018

It seems that Ukraine is eager for some more good results in the upcoming contest in Lisbon as now it looks like one of the country’s rising stars, the singer ALEKSEEV is taking part in the upcoming national final, Vidbir 2018. 

Who is he?

ALEKSEEV, or Nikita Vladimirovich Alekseev was born on 18 May 1993 in Kyiv. In 2014, he took part in Ukraine’s version of The Voice, Holos Kraini, where he made it to the semi-final. His coach was Ukraine’s 2008 entrant Ani Lorak. Same year, his debut single, “Vse uspet” (in English translated as Everything On Time) was released, but his big breakthrough happened a year later, when he released a single named “Pyanoe solntse” (Drunken Sun), with a video clip directed by a famous director Alan Badoev.

After that single, he has won several awards both in Ukraine and Russia and released a successful album, with the same name as his breakthrough hit in December last year.

So how is he suddenly doing Eurovision then?

It all started with him asking a crowd on his gig in Kyiv, whether he should do Eurovision. The crowd responded with a resounding “yes”, to which he said “Alright then. I’ll think about it.”
And today, he posted another Instagram post, in which he confirmed his intention to take part in the national selection, with a clear aim to win Eurovision. As we’ve reported earlier, Tayanna, the finalist from last year is seaking revenge in 2018 and is asking fans to choose among the 4 potential songs to enter the selection. Also another finalist from 2017, Melovin is aiming to take part in the 2018 selection.
Do you know ALEKSEEV’s music? Do you think he’s got what it takes to bring Ukraine its third Eurovision win? Discuss below or follow us on @ESCXTRA. 

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