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First names for Germany’s selection appear online

In the past few days, auditions have taken place for Germany’s 2018 Eurovision Song Contest entrant. The entrants will be judged by the Europe Panel, which consists of… one hundred Germans. Thanks to German site Prinz Blog, we’ve got an idea of which acts are hoping to fly to Lisbon by winning Unser Song 2018.

The Voice makes a flying start

Kicking things off, it has to be noted that a lot of former The Voice entrants have entered the German selection. Unser Song 2018 could be filled just by former entrants of the talent show. Danyal Demir, Boris Alexander Stein, Vinh Khuat and Lara Loft all seem to be in the running. However, the biggest The Voice name the German panel saw was the winner of the first season: Ivy Quainoo.

Quainoo now lives in New York, but her career is still mostly based in Germany, although success has not been huge for her lately. If the panel were to select Quainoo for the national final, we would definitely see a change since last year, when five complete unknowns entered the stage. For Unser Song 2017, NDR were clearly hoping to find the next Lena, who also rose to fame on their Eurovision casting show in 2010.

Bands galore for Unser Song 2018

It’s not just soloists from The Voice finding their way to the casting process. There are also some bands making an appearance. The first of those was voXXclub. voXXclub are an a cappella folk group from the south of Germany. It is quite safe to say that that does sound like an odd combination, but their success has not been limited lately. They would arguably be one of the biggest names entering the stage… if the panel selects them. One of their latest tracks is Donnawedda, which you can check out below:

Two more bands made an appearance, complete with their name attached to their audition. LauraAudreyWanja was one of them. They’re a newly formed band, consisting of Laura Kästel, Aubrey Bacani and Wanja Janeva. The other band was ZweiLand, a German language duo consisting of Supertalent winner Jay Oh and Diana Schneider.
More interestingly, there was a Mystery Band entering the stage. Prinz describes them as a four piece band with a beautiful female lead singer. They do not want to be known just yet, so they’ve asked the panel to keep it secret for now. The main goal is for the band to make the announcement themselves. Rumours are already flying around as to who could be behind the ‘Mystery Band’, but there’s one that’s… quite dominant: Frida Gold.

And yes, once again: If the Europe Panel selects Frida Gold, Germany will have made a huge coup by getting one of their most loved bands on a national final stage, similar to Unheilig in 2014. We’ll surely keep an eye on the announcements in the next few days.

The Unser Song 2018 list for now

We’ve mentioned most of the names so far, but let’s list them to get a proper sight of who we’re looking at:

  • Xavier Darcy
  • Boris Alexander Stein
  • Mystery Band (Frida Gold?)
  • voXXclub
  • LauraAudreyWanja
  • ZweiLand
  • Danyal Demir
  • Lara Loft
  • Ivy Quainoo
  • Vinh Khuat

It has to be noted that Prinz Blog were not there for the first two days of the castings. That means there are about ten more acts we don’t know. The trend is clear though: It’s not just complete unknowns throwing their hats in the ring for Lisbon.
In the upcoming weeks or days, the Europe Panel will select five entrants for the German national final.
Levina represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. For the third year in a row, Germany finished bottom two on Saturday, meaning they’re in desperate need for a success.
Who do you want to see representing Germany in Eurovision 2018? Who should enter Unser Song 2018? Let us know!

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