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Loïc Nottet’s “Mud Blood” wins OGAE Video Contest for Belgium!

Three weeks after the end of the voting, the results of the 2017 OGAE Video Contest are finally out. And the victory goes to OGAE Belgium, and Loïc Nottet’s Mud Blood videoclip, with 184 points!

What is the Video Contest?

==> This is a short summary of the rules and criteria : for more details, don’t hesitate to read our previous article on the Contest <==
The OGAE Video Contest is the last of the four fan-contests organized by the OGAE each year. First held in 2003 by OGAE Turkey (and won by OGAE France, with Pascal Obispo’s Fan), it enables national clubs to compete over songs and especially over musical videoclips.
The 21 songs this year were announced at the end of October, and the voting started on November 1st. OGAE members had a month to vote through their national clubs, rating each of the 20 other songs between 1 (very bad) and 10 (very good) — because it is obviously impossible to vote for your own country.
Each club then added their members’ ratings, and established a national Top 10, giving points in the Eurovision, 1-to-12, style.

The results of the 2017 contest

The 15th Video Contest (2017) was organized by OGAE UK, since they had won the 2016 edition, with Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend. As such, OGAE UK coordinated the contest, made sure the rules were respected, and collected the Top 10 of each club. They also designed a scoreboard to announce the results.
Here are the official results :

  1. Belgium – Loïc Nottet | Mud Blood — 184 points
  2. Australia – Sia | The Greatest — 148 points
  3. Italy – Takagi & Ketra ft. Lorenzo Fragola, Arisa | L’esercito del selfie — 87 points
  4. France – Lilie Poe | Écho — 82 points
  5. Greece – Malu | Ora Na Gyriseis — 67 points
  6. Poland – Margaret | What you do — 66 points
  7. Ukraine – Jamala | I Believe in U — 66 points
  8. United Kingdom – Amy Macdonald | Dream On — 62 points
  9. Croatia – Nina Kraljić | Snijeg — 61 points
  10. Germany – Alexa Feser | Medizin — 59 points
  11. Russia – Leningrad | Kolschik — 54 points
  12. Armenia – Iveta Mukuchyan | Amena — 54 points
  13. Belarus – Naviband | Biažy — 52 points
  14. Serbia – Marija Šerifović | Deo prošlosti — 44 points
  15. Turkey –   Cal Bonomo | Kal Bungün — 40 points
  16. Hungary – Magdolna Rúzsa | Érj Hozzám — 31 points
  17. Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef | Believe (Hey Hey) — 21 points
  18. Slovakia – Emma Drobná | Words — 19 points
  19. F.Y.R Macedonia – Dan Talevski | Rocket — 10 points
  20. Malta – The Travellers | Ħafi Paċi Kuluri — 9 points
  21. Portugal – The Gift | Big Fish — 2 points

Mud Blood

This is the second victory for OGAE Belgium. The first one was in 2013, with Stromae’s Papaoutai.
All Eurovision fans knows Loïc Nottet, since he represented Belgium at Eurovision in 2015, in Vienna, where his entry Rythm Inside ranked 4th. The same year, he won Danse avec les Stars in France with a perfect score. In 2017, he released his debut album Selfocracy, which includes Mud Blood.
In this song, Loïc sings about how people take drugs to “feel better” and escape from a harsh reality, while underlining how vain it is to act like this. The winning videoclip shows his dancing talents: in the video, Loïc fights his alter-ego, his evil side on the other side of the mirror, refusing to give up to the temptation. This fight is a dance: when both Loïcs are equally strong, their dance is synchronized. When one of them take the advantage, he starts to gain control of the other’s body.
But who wins in the end? Watch the winning clip to find out!

Congratulations to Loïc Nottet and OGAE Belgium for this victory! What do you think of the clip? Of the song? And what is your reaction to the overall results? Tell us more on the comments below or on social media at @escxtra !

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