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147 songs under consideration in Bulgaria, provisional entry reveal set for March 12th

Today, the official BNT Eurovision Twitter account has revealed the current state of affairs in regards to Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2018 selection process! At the same time, BNT revealed that the deadline for submissions has been extended to December 29th. This will allow a few of the later submissions to be “refined”.

An extended submissions deadline

Yes, the first piece of news BNT revealed today was that the original submission deadline of December 20th has been extended by an additional nine days. This will allow a few of the later submissions to refine their projects before BNT deliberate as to which project will go forward to Lisbon! Read the full statement below:

An insight into the submissions received

A few minutes later, BNT revealed exactly what submissions they have received thus far. 147 songs are under consideration, every single one of which is in English! Furthermore, 8 different producers are involved. A total of 11 projects have been submitted, indicating that producers are submitting more than 1 project each.

Put March 12th in your diaries!

So what is BNT’s plan of action for 2018? Well, once the submissions deadline passes on December 29th, the deliberations will begin as to which project will be the successful one. It is scheduled that this decision will be finalised by January 31st. The voting process will be as follows:

Then, over the next few weeks, all of the finer details will be sorted out so that everything is in place for the artist and song to be revealed to the public on March 12th. It is expected that March 12th will also be the date of day one of the Head of Delegations meeting where all participating broadcaster must officially submit their entries to the EBU. Therefore, Bulgaria will be amongst the last of the 43 participating countries to reveal their entry for the third year in a row!

Are you looking forward to seeing what Bulgaria have in store for us in 2018? Furthermore, do you think they can achieve their first Eurovision victory after top-five finishes with Kristian Kostov and Poli Genova? Let us know!

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