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Americans don’t deserve Eurovision

With Jon Ola Sand confirming that the EBU is in talks with some American producers to bring a “Eurovision-esque” television show to TV I couldn’t help but cringe.
Hello. I am American. I love Eurovision. I don’t want America to participate in Eurovision and I don’t think we need our own version of Eurovision in North America (right now).
Now that I’ve gotten my opinion out of the way we can get to the details.

America has yet to broadcast Eurovision properly 

LogoTV has done a piss poor job of broadcasting the contest as is. They do very limited promotion in the weeks leading up. They don’t even give social media love leading up to the show.
Let’s be clear.
Logo’s banner television program is Rupaul’s Drag Race. This is the program they truly care about. Eurovision is an afterthought. How can the EBU build up support for a program if the network tasked with broadcasting it doesn’t seem to care?
The hosts aren’t ESC buffs or even mild historians on the contest. Look, I’m not trying to get anyone fired— However, the hosts themselves talk about the contest in such a third-party manner it is frustrating.
Firstly, they need to realize that they are now part of the contest. They are responsible for bringing viewers in and illustrating what the hype is all about. When a host says they like the show because it is “campy,” it is a backhanded compliment. Secondly, would it hurt to have commentators that are somewhat engaged in the excitement pre-contest? The hosts/commentators don’t watch the national selections. They aren’t connecting with the acts on social media or sharing the videos… They show up on the day engages and then drop the ball the rest of the year.
Finally, Logo doesn’t even have someone on the ground during the semis and final. They don’t even have one person ON THE GROUND to generate digital and on air, content to aid is generating buzz and potential viewership. This is just crazy to me. #Eyeroll.

Americans are too fickle

I hate to admit it, but the American music market is TOUGH. Yes, the competition is high, but more importantly— Americans lose interest quickly. I have argued for years that the key to Rihanna’s success (as an example) was the fact that early in her career she was constantly putting out albums. Rihanna can take her time now, but as a new artists she had no choice but to churn out album after album.
Americans are the same about their TV shows. Do you realize that even the Olympics have sometimes struggled to maintain viewership? Let’s also mention that singing competitions aren’t the most reliable features on television. Some formulas work (The Voice) and some don’t (Popstars). Even shows that were once hot (American Idol) began to lose viewers.
With American Idol set to return to US TV screens there is some hope… But, Eurovision still needs a proper introduction.

We elected Donald Trump

Sure this is a singing/song competition, but it started as a diplomatic effort. This contest is rooted in neutrality, goodwill, and the collective spirit to build bridges. Okay, the show isn’t directly political but in a way it is. DIPLOMACY is a fundamental component of the contest that I love. With an isolationist president with ZERO regard for diplomacy, it is clear that a nice chunk of the American population doesn’t care for diplomacy.
If you don’t care for diplomacy politically, then you probably don’t care to watch it on your TV. What am I saying?! There are Americans that don’t even know what diplomacy is #eyeroll.
Americans don’t deserve Eurovision.
Living in the States and loving Eurovision can be a tricky thing thanks to the horrible Viacom deal — Hello, YouTube blocked videos #eyeroll, but I persist because I love the contest. I love to travel and I’m not just interested in what is happening within the United States. I know there is a whole world out there with different languages, religions, food, culture… etc.
But when you’re trying to “Make American Great Again,” you don’t deserve the Eurovision Song Contest.

Comments on Americans don’t deserve Eurovision

  • Prcz

    what a stupid argumentation… without logic

  • Erik

    I guess they’re just repeating the typical British news approach to Eurovision. Some of the mere medioker journalists got orders to summon up the events to the year’s Eurovision, trying to be funny, not really connected and informed, failing and is at best saved by the commentary field (which BTW can be some fun reading). An attitude and habit which probably is hard to break. As a Swede I kind of feel sorry for the British as they’re never really allowed to embrace the contest properly. Too much of the nationalist spirit a la WC/Euro football as far as I’ve encountered. They’re very much like Easteuropeans in the way LOL.
    How could Americans even understand and relate? There are so many emotional levels in Eurovision that is hard to explain and probably even more difficult to identify and understand as an outsider. I think the best is just to see the fun and showwise amazing in the event.

  • EU2018

    Great article!
    It would improve substantially though, if you replaced “America” with “the US”, “the USA”, “the United States” or “the United States of America”, since I am pretty sure you’re not referring to Haiti or Peru.

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