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The running order for the 56th edition of Festivali i Këngës is OUT

Albania’s National Broadcaster, RTSH, reveals the running order for the 56th edition of Festivali i Këngës that will take place tonight.
Fourteen acts will battle it out in Tirana for the chance to get to represent the beautiful Balkan country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Running Order

  1. Redon Makashi – “Ekzistoj” (I exist)
  2. NA & Festina Mezini – “Tjetër jetë” (Another life)
  3. Voltan Prodani – “Pse të desha” (Why would I love you?)
  4. Denisa Gjezo – “Zemër ku je” (Dear heart, where you are)
  5. Tiri – “Orë e ndaluar” (Stopped clock)
  6. Orgesa Zaimi – “Ngrije zërin” (Speak up)
  7. Rezarta Samja & Luis Ejlli – “Ra një yll” (A star fell)
  8. Artemisa Mithi – “E dua botën” (I love the world)
  9. Manjola Nallbani – “I njejti qiell” (The same sky)
  10. Inis Neziri – “Piedestal” – (Pedestal)
  11. Bojken Lako – “Sytë e shpirtit” (The eyes of the soul)
  12. Mariza Ikonomi – “Unë” (Me)
  13. Eugent Bushpepa “Mall” (Yearning)
  14. Elton Deda – “Fjalët” – (Words)

Get your streams ready

The grand final of Festivali i Këngës 56 will take place tomorrow, Saturday 23rd December. Furthermore, the show will begin at 8.40pm local time (CET) and is scheduled to last for three hours and twenty minutes. The jury alone will determine the winner and therefore who will represent Albania at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest!
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Albania & Eurovision

Albania’s Eurovision debut is a rather remarkable one. They managed to finish inside the top 10 at the 2004 final of the contest with Anjeza’s Image of You. Which was the best scoring Albanian entry in the contest until 2012. Rona’s performance of Suus left Europe speechless and earned Albania It’s first (and only) top 5 finish.
However, Albania has a rather turbulent Eurovision past. The beautiful Balkan country has qualified for the final 7 times out of 14 attempts.
In addition to that, Lindita’s powerful World failed to bring Albania back in the finals of the contest this year. Despite having one of the strongest vocals in the competition. Lindita finished 14th in the first semi final with 76 points.

⇒What our team had to say about Lindita’s “World” in The Xtra Files here
Will you be tuning in for the show? Do you have a favorite among the 14 finalists? Who do you think will win the 56th edition of FiK?
Share your thoughts with us on all social media platforms at @ESCXTRA.

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