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Saara Aalto travels to Stockholm to work with Eurovision-winning composer Thomas G:son

This morning, Saara Aalto revealed to fans on Instagram that she was boarding a flight to Stockholm to work with legendary Eurovision Song Contest composer Thomas G:son, most well-known for composing Loreen’s 2012 winner Euphoria. This follows previous news that Saara had been working with Linnea Deb, part of the team behind 2015 Eurovision winner Heroes!

The man behind 12 Eurovision finalists

Saara revealed the exciting news via her Instagram story this morning. G:son has been involved in a total of 13 Eurovision Song Contest entries, with all but one reaching the grand final in their respective years. Furthermore, he has achieved four top 5 Eurovision finishes with Euphoria (1st, 2012), In A Moment Like This (4th, 2010), Invincible (5th, 2006) and Listen To Your Heartbeat (5th, 2001).
Since his victory with Loreen in 2012, G:son’s presence in Eurovision has primarily been in collaboration with Georgia’s GPB and Cyprus’ CyBC. Indeed, the Swedish “Eurovision Guru” (the words of Saara Aalto!), was part of the teams that worked on Waterfall, Warrior and Midnight Gold for Georgia and Alter Ego and Gravity for Cyprus.

From Sweden to Malta!

Thomas is a regular fixture in Melodifestivalen line-ups, composing four entries for the 2017 edition of the festival. Two of these reached the Melodifestivalen final: Mariette’s A Million Years and Ace Wilder’s Wild Child. He has also composed four of the entries for Melodifestivalen 2018. In addition, he has written Taboo for Christabelle, one of the sixteen entries in February’s 2018 Maltese national selection.
Are you excited by Saara’s news that she is working with G:son? Furthermore, do you think she has what it takes to bring Finland back to the Eurovision final? Let us know!

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