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What we know about Eurovizija 2018

Christmas is over, which means, that the busy phase of the national selections is just around the corner. But don’t panic – we got your back and get you up-to-date. As Lithuania will start their search next week, we will give you everything we know so far about Eurovizija 2018!

Eurovizija 2018 – The hosts

The first show of Eurovizija is planned for January 6th. The shows will be hosted by Mantas Stonkus and Ugnė Skonsmanaitė. Mantas is a comedian, who also worked on some theatre productions. He says, that it is strange for him to host Eurovizija. Mantas always wanted to participate. He hints, that he might try his luck to represent Lithuania in Eurovision next year. Ugne already has been presenting television for six years. Hosting Eurovizija 2018 will be the first time for her to present a Eurovision event. Nevertheless, she gained some experience, when she supported Inculto in 2010 and the band invited her and the whole team onstage.


Eurovizija 2018 – Heat 1

LRT recently published the lucky names, who will participate in the first heat of Eurovizija 2018. A total of 13 acts will be part of the show on January 6th.

  • Ausra Difarte
  • Benas Malakauskas
  • Dange
  • Evaldas Vaikasas
  • Germante Kinderyte
  • Goda Sasnauskaite
  • Ieva Zasimauskaite
  • Justin3
  • Lukas Norkunas
  • Meda Meskauskaite
  • Milda Rasilaviciute
  • Monee
  • Natalia Chareckaja

Eurovizija 2018 – Returning artists?

Greta Zazza, who was a big fan favourite of the past edition returns in 2018 with “Broken Shadows”. The song was composed by Jonas Thander (I’ve Been Waiting For This Night) and Charlie Mason (Rise Like A Phoenix). Greta says, that she learned a lot from the past participation with “Like I Love You”. Moreover, she told a newspaper, that she can enter the stage completely confident in her strength this time, as she knows how everything works.  Furthermore, she adds, that she has a strong emotional connection to her song “Broken Shadows”.

Paula Valentaite is returning the competition for the same reason as Greta. She says, that she learned so much the last time, that she will enter the stage much more confident this time. While the song is not yet released, the hype already started. She is currently working with a huge team to get her the best possible song for Eurovizija 2018. Paula says that her song for the upcoming national selection will be different from her entry last year. Much more personal, which allows her to sing right from the heart.
Donny Montell is considering a possible return to Eurovizija for 2018. Unlike his previous two attempts, he would enter the competition with a duet this time. During the moment of the interview, the version of their entry was much longer than allowed. As we already have the acts for heat 1, we soon will find out, if the new version made it to the shows of Eurovizija 2018!
What do you think of the news from Lithuania so far? Are you looking forward to the start of the show next week? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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