An Xtra Happy Birthday; December 31st!

On the 28th of  December three Eurovision artist had a birthday. Today however are two Eurovision stars that celebrate a birthday. The birthday lady has competed two at Eurovision, first time for Sweden and the second time for Germany! The Icelandic birthday boy was part of Sjonni’s friends.Benedikt Brynleifsson and Siw Malmkvist where born on this day.

Siw Malmkvist, 81

Siw has participated in Meldifestivalen 7 times. The song she sang, “Augustin“, in 1959 won the contest, however Sverge radio chose Brita Borg to go instead. The following year she was selected by Sverge radio, to preform the winning song of Meldodifestivalen, “Alla Andra Far Varann”. Therefore she got to sing at the stage in London in that year. Where she placed 10th out of 13 acts. The following year, 1961, she won the Meldodifestivalen with the song “April, april” despite the fact she forgot the lyrics. The song went to Cannes, but Sverge radio picked someone else to go instead of her.

Her next chance at Eurovision was in 1979, when Germany selected her to perform the song “Prima Ballerina”  in Madrid. At contest she shared the 9th place with her home country Sweden.


Benedikt Brynleifsson, 38

Iceland selected the group”Sjonni’s Friends” to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 which was held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Their song “Coming Home” was composed by their friend Sjonni Brink, who died just few days before he was to perfome it at the third semi final of Söngvakeppnin. The band was put togther with his friend, one of them is Benedikt who has birthday today. There song advanded from theit semifinal to the grand final. Where they got 61 point and therefore ended in 20th place.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish the two of them a super nice birthday!

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