An Xtra Happy Birthday; January 1st

Today, we say welcome to the new year! This of course also means turning a fresh leaf in the Eurovision birthday calendar! And on this first day of 2018 we shout out a big “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” to two birthday girls. Neither of them represented their birth country, both performed in English and just one performed in the grand final. One of them kinda represented three continents; Jane Comerford turns 59 today! 

Jane Comerford, 59

Jane Comerford represented Germany at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. She did so as part of the Group Texas Lightning. In addition to being the band’s lead singer, she also wrote their entry “No No Never”. Jane is originally from Australia, but moved to the US to pursue a music career. This didn’t work out as she wanted, however, and she moved to Germany. There she has played leading roles in several musicals, and also had many hits with her band.

Gisela, 39

Gisela represented Andorra at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. She performed the song “Casanova”, hoping to bring Andorra to the final for the first time. Despite giving it her all in the semi, she failed to qualify, finishing in 16th place. She did however receive 12 points from Spain, perhaps partly owing to the fact that she is Spanish.

All of us here at escXtra wish Jane and Gisela the happiest of birthdays!  

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