Maybe Nadav Guedj will talk in ‘Ulay Nedaber’

After serving in the army for eighteen months, Nadav Guedj is back! The young Israeli idol has released a video for his new single: Ulay Nedaber. A translation? Maybe we’ll talk.

Maybe he’ll talk to the special one

The video for Ulay Nedaber shows Nadav on the search for that one special girl. He seems to be hopelessly in love and determined to find her, somewhere in what seems to be a hotel. Nadav hopes he’ll find his girl, but in the end, he sees it seems like she is gone forever. The director of the video is Elad Weissmann, who was also involved in his 2015 Eurovision adventure.
The theme of the song is a step away fro the carefree Nadav we saw at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. The sixteen year old taking a selfie on the Eurovision stage has been replaced by a young man seeking the girl he loves so dearly.

Back to Hebrew

For Nadav, it’s also a return to music in his native language, Hebrew. In an interview he gave, Nadav points to his time in the army. That service made him want to write music in Hebrew. He has also confirmed that he will be releasing a new album soon. That album will consist solely of songs in Hebrew.
Even during his Eurovision adventure, Nadav’s song was in English. His Golden Boy stood out in a year of ballads such as 2015. It managed to bring Israel back to the final for the first time since Harel Skaat did so in 2010. In addition, it also managed to bring Israel its first top ten placing since 2008. Golden Boy finished ninth in Vienna.
What do you think of Nadav Guedj’s new single? Is ‘Ulay Nedaber’ a good step for him or do you prefer his English music? Let us know below in a comment or on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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