Kristian Kostov wants to be the one in new single

He’s back! Last year’s Eurovision runner-up Kristian Kostov is back with a new single. The One (I Need You) is Kristian’s first English language single since he did Eurovision back in May.

Kristian Kostov needs you!

Singing he wants it to be us instead of I, Kristian is clear that he’s after some true love here. The lyrics mention his love’s parents not being too sold on Kristian as son-in-law material.
The people behind Kristian’s new song are Daniel Kostov, Maria Erke and Kyrill Matyuchenko. They’ve delivered a solid and professional pop track. This song once again shows how mature Kristian Kostov’s music is, even though he is just seventeen years of age.

Eurovision success

Kristian is Bulgaria’s most successful Eurovision entrant. In 2017, he represented his country in Kyiv and scored a second place. Lately, rumours have been surfacing that Kristian may not be done with the Eurovision Song Contest, as local media reported that he’d submitted to once again represent Bulgaria in 2018. There’s no certainty yet, but we do know there is a returning artist on Bulgaria’s shortlist…
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