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RTP to announce Eurovision 2018 hosts on 8 January

In last night’s news bulletin, RTP confirmed that we’ll hear about the Eurovision 2018 hosts really soon. The two names will be announced on Monday, 8 January.

Eurovision 2018 hosts: The favourites

RTP haven’t told us a whole lot about the hosts. We therefore don’t really know what to expect. However, Portuguese press have been looking at a couple of favourites to get the role of Eurovision 2018 hosts. Back in August, we already had a look at some potential Eurovision 2018 hosts.

Filomena Cautela

Two of them are now emerging as clear favourites. The first of those is Filomena Cautela. Cautela is a 33 year old actress and television host. She’s been involved in our Eurovision bubble since 2017. She announced Portugal’s votes in Kyiv and hosted the press conference where RTP confirmed Lisbon as host city for 2018. She’s also been involved in a Eurovision video, which she posted just two days ago.

Catarina Furtado

Having hosted The Voice of Portugal for the last six seasons, 45 year old Catarina Furtado is a well known face to big entertainment shows on RTP. Her career has already been going for over 25 years, so she sure has the experience to carry a big show like Eurovision. Her name has been a prominent one in the rumour mill, but will RTP pick her?

Pedro Granger, Nelly Furtado and Silvia Alberto

Less prominent in the rumour mill are three names. The first of them is Pedro Granger, a true Eurovision fan. He’s attended Eurovision no less than seven times and is famous as an actor in Portugal. He knows the contest rather well and might, in that aspect, be a good pick for RTP.
Also on the list is Canadian-Portuguese singer Nelly Furtado. Rumour had it RTP was very keen on getting her on board as one of the Eurovision 2018 hosts. Those rumours have gone a little silent as of late, but perhaps they’ve already sealed the deal long ago?
Last, but not least is Silvia Alberto. She’s hosted the Portuguese national final, Festival da Canção, seven times. Her experience hosting Eurovision related shows might be an advantage for her. RTP could choose to reward the 36 year old for her loyalty in FdC and give her the job.

Who are you hoping for?

We’ve got five names who might be contenders for the hosting job. It is assumed that RTP will choose two hosts for Lisbon, so which two would you pick? Who are your favourites?
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