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Indira Levak, Franka or Kedžo to Lisbon for Croatia?

The rumour mill in Croatia has started to get into full swing. Broadcaster HRT is keeping silent, but 24Sata has managed to come up with the names of three possible contenders: Indira Levak, Franka Batelić and Damir Kedžo.

Are Croatian media on the right track?

HRT is silent, so how interesting are these names? Looking back at last year, 24Sata were one of the first sites to report on Jacques Houdek as a potential entrant for Kyiv. A little more than a week later, HRT indeed confirmed that they had selected Houdek to represent Croatia.

Indira Levak the absolute favourite

Indira Levak seems to be the most prominent rumour at the moment. The 44 year old has been part of dance trio Colonia, but has also released plenty of solo material. She’s been a coach on The Voice of Croatia since 2015, where she’s a colleague of Jacques Houdek. When 24Sata asked Indira’s husband, Miroslav, he said his wife had been approached to represent Croatia. And, more importantly: She was delighted to accept the offer. Her most recent single is Dođi, which you can check out below:

Franka Batelić

Franka Batelić is the second potential name on the list. Although less prominent as a rumour than her older colleague Indira, it is worth mentioning her. The 25 year old releases pop, rock and house music, so it’s sure to say she can do pretty much anything. Her most recent single, S Tobom, gained quite a bit of attention in Croatia, making it to the top ten in the charts.

It was her comeback single after a silence of multiple years, where she focused on other things, such as advocating LGBT rights in Croatia. Franka’s manager refused to comment on the rumours.

Damir Kedžo

Damir Kedžo is a 30 year old singer. His career started back in 2003, when he entered one of the biggest talent shows in Croatia. In 2004, he joined a boyband called Saša, Tin i Kedžo. The group had quite a bit of success before disbanding a few years later.

Kedžo is no stranger to Eurovision. Back in 2011, he applied to represent Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. He was however eliminated in the first round of the show that Daria Kinzer won. Kedžo’s manager said that there is a huge desire to represent his country in Eurovision, but HRT have not contacted them yet.

Croatia and Eurovision

Croatia’s Eurovision adventure has gone through high peaks and deep lows. Their entries in the nineties promised great fortune for the Croatians, with three top five placings. Their luck has however turned in recent times, with their last top ten placing dating back to 2001. Between 2010 and 2013, the Croatians failed to qualify four times in a row, causing them to withdraw.
Since returning in 2016, they’ve made the final twice. Last year’s entrant Jacques Houdek finished in thirteenth with his ‘duet by one’, My Friend.
What would you think about Indira Levak representing Croatia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest? Or would you prefer Franka or Kedžo? Let us know below or on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter!

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