An Xtra Happy Birthday; January 5th!

Yesterday on 4th of January, three Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday. Today however, are four Eurovision artist that have a birthday today. They all performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in the between 2000 until 2007.  Dj BoBO, Kadri Tiisel, Sakis Rouvas and Roy Arad where born on this day.

Dj BoBo, 50

Switcherland selceted Dj BoBo out of 200 entries for Eurovision in 2007. Therefore he went on stage in Helsinki, Finland. Despite being popular with the fans, the song “Vampires Ara Alive” did not advance to the grand final.

Sakis Rouvas,  46

Greece selected Shakis to reprecent them at Eurovision in Istanbul, Turkey. Since Greece performance the year before did not earn high enough score, Shakis Rouvas, took part in the semi final. His catchy song “Shake it” was perform with sexy danceing, which seams to have pleased viewers. Because the song made it to the final, where it got 252 points. Which means he placed 3rd at the final. He appeared again at Eurovision in 2006, then has a host in Athens. There he sang part of the opening act with Maria Menounos, his co-host, the winning entry of 1997 “Love Shine A Light”.

Roy Arad, 41,

Israel selected the group PingPong to sing on their behalf in the year 2000. Roy is the guy in the green jacket. They performed their song “Sameyakh”, actually they changed it last minute to the english version “Be Happy”. They also waved the Syrian flag at the end of the song which was quite controversial in Israel. They revived only 7 points, therefore got the 22nd place out of 24 entries.

Kadri Tiisel, 38

Estonia selected the group Neiokõsõ in 2004, so they as same as Sakis Rouvas perfomed on the stage in Istanbul, Turkey. Kadri was a part of this group which sang in Võro language, the name of the song is “Tii”. This was the first time Estonia selected a song with televotes only, and their act won Eurolaul with great lead. At the semi-final it was in 11th place, therefore it failed to qualify for the grand final.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish the four of them a wonderful birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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