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RTP announce all female quartet as Eurovision 2018 hosts

RTP and have announced the Eurovision 2018 hosts. The host broadcaster has decided to send an all female team into the ring to host Lisbon’s first ever Eurovision. Filomena Cautela, Sílvia Alberto, Catarina Furtado and Daniela Ruah will be the four hosts.

Introducing the four Eurovision 2018 hosts

It’s time to get to know our four hosts. Who are Filomena, Sílvia, Catarina and Daniela? Where could we know them from? It’s only been a few days since we already looked at some frontrunners.

Filomena Cautela

As an actress and TV host, Filomena Cautela has gained a lot of popularity in Portugal. She’s only 33 and with that, the youngest of the four. She’s most known for hosting shows, such as 5 Para A Meia-Noite, a late night talkshow. In 2017, she was already involved in the Eurovision Song Contest. Back then, she was RTP’s spokesperson to present the Portuguese jury votes.

Catarina Furtado

45 year old Catarina Furtado is not a surprising name either. Rumours that she would be involved had been going around since Portugal won the contest in May. It’s fair to say that she is used to hosting big entertainment shows on RTP, having hosted The Voice of Portugal since 2011. RTP runs in her blood, as her father also worked for the broadcaster as a journalist.

Sílvia Alberto

The third of the expected names is Sílvia Alberto. She’s quite used to doing shows related to Eurovision, as she hosted Festival da Canção no less than seven times, plus the 2009 event where the Portuguese chose their all time FdC favourite. Last year, she also hosted Portugal’s own version of Got Talent.

Daniela Ruah

The most surprising name on the list surely is Daniela Ruah. The Portuguese-American actress is most famous for her role as Kensi Blye in the crime series NCIS: Los Angeles. She was born in Boston, but moved back to Portugal at the age of five. When she went on to study, she moved to the United Kingdom. Later, she became famous as an actress. In Portugal, she appeared in shows as Tu E Eu. She also won the Portuguese show Dança Comigo in 2006.

Dividing the roles

EBU and RTP have not yet announced how the roles will be divided among the four hosts. It is however not odd to expect one of them as the host for the Green Room, with the other three doing their job on the main stage. That construction would then be similar to 2015. In Vienna, Conchita was asked to host the backstage area. Arabella Kiesbauer, Mirjam Weichselbraun and Alice Tumler then hosted the main stage.
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