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Long lost Teach-In album to be released for the first time

It was one of the weirdest mysteries in Dutch music history. A 1979 album, recorded by Eurovision winners Teach-In, got lost before the release. All songs were gone, except for the two lead singles… Now, almost forty years later, the album has been found!

The mystery of the lost album

After a few line-up changes, Teach-In decided to record their last album in the United Kingdom. It’s 1979 and the group had sort of left their peak of popularity. The band travelled to the Strawberry Studios in Stockport, where they recorded a full new album. They released two singles, called Bad Day and Regrets, but then it all went silent.
No one knew what had happened. Rumours arose that the tapes were gone. Two commonly heard explanations were that the tapes had been left in a car, where someone stole them. The other was a fire in a storage room, where the tapes had been stored until release.
In the end, none of it turned out to be true. Record label Red Bullet has not told us what did happen to the tapes. All we know is that the tapes are back. The album, titled Room 115, will be available for download and physical copies soon.

Teach-In and Eurovision

After winning the Nationaal Songfestival in 1975, Teach-In went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest 1975. Their song Ding-A-Dong convinced European juries and is, to date, the last Dutch victory in the contest.
The band went through some line-up changes afterwards, with lead singer Getty Kaspers leaving the band before the now found album was recorded. The lead singer at the time of recording Room 115 was Betty Vermeulen.
What do you think happened to the tapes back in 1979? Are you interested to see what kind of material Teach-In put on their ‘newest’ album? Let us know below or on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter!

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