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Spanish act for Lisbon chosen on 29 January

Operación Triunfo, the popular contest that helped Spain select Rosa, Beth and Ramón, is well under way. Today it was announced that the special show where Spain will select their representative for Lisbon will take place on 29 January 2018.
Each of the final five contestants will receive a song the previous Tuesday and will have a week to prepare their Eurovision performance. While further details are to be revealed, during the 10th live show the regular jury were told that they would not be judging this show.
Eight contestants remain in the running, but when the 10th show ends early tomorrow only seven will be fighting for the right to represent Spain at Eurovision. Agoney, Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra, Miriam, Nerea or Roi are the students of the academy that can still go to Lisbon next may.

RTVE poll

RTVE held a poll online where the public had the chance to vote for their favourite to represent Spain. The clear favourite was Amaia, who received over 30% of the votes. Aitana and Agoney were second and third, respectively, with just over 19% each.

RTVE poll results

Update:  In a twitter feed the official Operación Triunfo account confirmed that Spain’s representative will be chosen only via televote.
Update:  Nerea has been eliminated from the show, which means Agoney continues in pursuit of the Eurovision dream. Also, Ana Guerra and Roi are nominated.

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