Eurovision Asia Song Contest to take place in October 2018?

It’s been a busy news day in Kazakhstan. Firstly, the Kazakh Ministry of Information and Communications revealed that national broadcaster, Khabar Agency, is in negotiations with the organisers of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest to take part in the first edition of the competition. Now, the Ministry has also revealed that the contest is scheduled to take place in October 2018!

Five months since the official launch

The official launch of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest took place in August 2017. However, no dates were mentioned in regards to when to expect the first edition to be staged. According to Eurovoix, Paul Clarke, the Executive Producer of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest, stated in May 2017 that organisers hoped the first edition would take place in 2018.

With the official launch then taking place later that summer, plans for a 2018 Eurovision Asia Song Contest seemed to be in full gear. Nevertheless, details in the following months have been scarce, presumably as organisers focus their attention on securing a healthy number of interested broadcasters.

October: an ideal choice?

For committed Eurovision fans, an October date for Eurovision Asia could be seen as ideal. In this instance, the majority of national selections would be expected to take place during the summer. Usually, this would be the quietest part of the year for a Eurovision fan following the conclusion of the main contest in May and Junior Eurovision selections kicking into gear in August and September.

Interest is building around the Asia-Pacific

So far, eleven broadcasters have revealed their intention to participate in the first Eurovision Asia Song Contest. These are Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Korea and Vanuatu.

What do you think of the reported date of the first Eurovision Asia Song Contest? Furthermore, do you think it fits in well with the overall Eurovision calendar? Let us know in the comments below!

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