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Geno Machado explains THAT misstep during Rosa’s 2002 performance

During the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia, Rosa took to the stage to perform a now-loved entry for Spain: “Europe’s Living a Celebration”. In the performance, there was a noticeable misstep by backing singer/dancer Geno Machado. This week on social media, she has explained that mistake.

A GIF for Eurovision fans worldwide

You’ve probably seen the moment in question, this one:

Geno’s misstep has gone down famously with Eurovision fans on social media. The hashtag #SufroComoGeno appears frequently within Spanish fanbases. Geno acknowledges that “with all the burdens we have of life and everything that is seen out there, a little humor and laughter does not hurt”.
However, she has gone someway to explaining that mistake, particularly this week remarking with a sarcastic comment on social media that “hasta el mismísimo coño 16 años después con la vuelta al revés” which has been helpfully translated by our Matteo as “it’s the same shit 16 years later, but the other way around”.
Geno continues by saying, “you keep analysing the video to see where the mistake was – you are all driving me crazy”.
Back in June 2016, at Eurovision fan conference in Malaga, she explained further that they were “dressed in tight leather skirts, with which we could not dance the choreography, and stilettos”.
She continued by saying that “I bent my foot with that stiletto heel and turned later”, making clear that she was not wrong, it was just her costume getting in the way of her timing.

Rosa did not win Eurovision due to Geno’s mistake

It is still said by some people that the misstep is the reason why Rosa did not win Eurovision. Geno is empathetic about this but also states that the raised platform on which the backing singers/dancers were positioned “was broken, and David [Bisbal] in a rehearsal walked around it and declared “this is broken!” to the organisers.
You can relive the full performance of Europe’s Living a Celebration below, though… maybe don’t share the GIF of Geno quite so often!

Was Geno’s incident really the reason that Rosa didn’t win Eurovision in 2002? Have you used the GIF before on social media yourself? Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!


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