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Yulia Samoylova preparing for Eurovision 2018?

A week after releasing a new video for what was supposed to be her Eurovision entry, we once again hear from Yulia Samoylova. In an interview with Antenna Telesem, the Russian singer states she is preparing for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. 

Fairy tales and space

In the interview, Samoylova is open about her wishes for Lisbon. She is hopeful she’ll get to represent her country there and has made sure she has a plan ready. Together with her husband, she has written two new songs. One of them contains the theme of space, the other speaks of fairy tales.

She has, however, not yet decided in which language she would sing. Both English and Russian are options for her. Her old image is no longer an option. She has spoken out a desire to move away from the image she picked up on after taking part in talent shows in Russia.

Is silence golden?

The question we are all asking ourselves right now is how much of this the Russian broadcaster knows. Is Samoylova preparing a bid or has she already been picked as the Russian act?

Of course, we have last year’s announcement that Samoylova would represent Russia after the 2017 debacle, but no new announcements have been made at all. Samoylova goes as far as stating they’re discussing her outfit for Lisbon.

All we can do is wait and see if and when Russia’s broadcaster will confirm Yulia Samoylova as their act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Until then, the proverbial flame of hope is still burning for her…

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