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Mikolas Josef was offered “My Turn” in 2017

In an interview with our colleagues at Eurovoxx, Mikolas Josef has revealed that he was offered to sing “My Turn” at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv… As we know now, he turned it down and is now hoping to win the ticket to Lisbon with “Lie To Me”.

Mikolas Josef or Martina Bartá?

In the interview, Mikolas said he was approached by the Czech Eurovision delegation last year. They had their song for Kyiv ready and needed a singer for it. The song was then offered to rising star Mikolas Josef. “My Turn” wasn’t his song, he feels. About that, he says:

Last year, it wasn’t my song. And I wasn’t really feeling the connection there.

The song was, as we know, also offered to Martina Bartá. The jazz singer took on the challenge and brought “My Turn” to Kyiv. Sadly, she didn’t qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, gathering just two points from televoters. The juries were much more on Martina’s side, giving her 81 points and a seventh place.

Eurovision Song CZ

For the first time since 2008, the Czechs are going to hold a national final for Eurovision. They’re also (one of) the first countries to take their national final online for its entire process. Fans can vote through the official Eurovision app.
In that voting, Mikolas Josef is one of the six hopefuls with his song “Lie To Me”. He had been a rumoured act for quite a while and might just be the favourite to win the Czech ticket for Lisbon.
What do you think? Would “My Turn” have been a good fit for Mikolas Josef or is he better off with “Lie To Me” in this year’s national final? Let us know below or on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter!

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