An Xtra Happy Birthday; January 14th

There were no Eurovision birthdays yesterday, so of course we are back with a whole bunch today! A total of six Eurovision stars celebrate their birthdays today! The oldest was born in the early 60s, while the two youngest were born in ’97. None of today’s birthday boys or girls have managed to achieve great results at Eurovision; the best is however a respectable 7th place. In addition to finishing seventh, this song also became a huge fan favorite after the contest. Rosa Lopez performed “Europe’s Living a Celebration”, and today, we are celebrating her!

Mike Tramp, 57

Mike Tramp represented Denmart at the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest in Paris, France. He did so as part of the group Mabel. Their entry was called “Boom Boom”, and they finished in 16th place out of 20, receiving 13 points.

Radek Hurčík, 49

Radek Hurčík represented the Czech Republic at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contestin Helsinki. This was the country’s debut year, and they sent one of their most popular rock bands, Kabát, to fly their colors in their first contest. Radek is the band’s drummer. This did not, however, work out as they had hoped. In the semi-final, which is regarded as the most difficult ever, they finished last with just one point.

Monika Kuszynska, 38

Monika represented Poland at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. She performed the song “In the Name of Love”. She finished eighth in the second semi-final, thus qualifying for the grand final. There, however, she only finished 23rd out of the 27 participants.

Rosa Lopez, 37

Rosa Lopez represented Spain at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn. She performed the song “Europe’s Living a Celebration”, which was one of the favorites to win in the weeks leading up to the contest. On the night of the final, however, she only managed to reach 7th place. Although that is a very respectable result, it nonetheless came as a bit of a disappointment. Some people have claimed that backing vocalist Geno Machado’s misstep might have been the reason why Rosa Lopes didn’t win the contest. What do you think; is it a likely explanation of Spain’s “lower than expected” placing?

Anastasiya and Maria Tolmacheva, 21

Anastasiya and Maria represented Russia at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. They performed under the name Tomlmachevy Sisters, and their song was called “Shine”. They finished 6th in their semi-final, thereby qualifying for the grand final. There, they managed to reach 7th place, with a total of 89 points.
This was not, however, the twins’ first performance on the Eurovision stage. Eight years earlier, in 2006, they won Junior Eurovision for their country with the song “Vesenniy Jazz“.

All of us here at escXtra want to wish all six of today’s Eurovision birthday stars an Xtra happy birthday! 

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