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Are we going to start breaking up with Sweden?

I love you Sweden. Melodifestivalen is truly the model national selection and the way you take Eurovision so seriously is a blessing. You know how to produce a show that is entertaining and technically crisp. When you produce the Eurovision Song Contest, you do it so well. Look, I think the 2016 contest was the strongest year ever and it wasn’t just because of the entries. You did the damn thing when it came to producing that show. From behind the camera to what was in front of it. You outdid yourself. I’m in love with you.
But I think I may need to take a break from you, Sweden…
If I told you, “it’s not you, it’s me,” I’d be lying a little. It is you AND it is me. Let me explain.

You want to win all the time

Why do you work so hard to win Eurovision every year? I mean look, aren’t you tired?
Year after year in Sweden you have a quality act selected in Melodifestivalen. The artist is professional, polished and ready to win. The Melfest tour across Sweden is a broadcasting highlight and captivates Swedes and ESC fans alike. From the styling to the singing, flawless is an understatement.

You’re writing songs for other countries.

Look, getting cheated on is really tough and if you didn’t want to be monogamous you should have just been honest with me. How are you out here writing songs for the likes of Azerbaijan? You’re Sweden. You should focus on yourself alone, and you turn around and lend your backing vocalists to other countries too…
What’s up with that?
Am I not enough for you?

You give of yourself too much.

When everything was crumbling down around the planning for Eurovision 2017 you stepped up to help. Why? Youre’ Sweden, not Ukraine. Why did you do that? It wasn’t your mess to clean and yet you made sure that the ESC 2017 ship didn’t sink.
You didn’t need to do that.
In 1958 you made your Eurovision debut and the contest was never the same again. When you won with ABBA in 1974, it was iconic— but not to be forgotten you raise the bar in 2012 with Loreen’s win. Let’s be honest, after Loreen won with Euphoria every other country began to realize that they needed to step their game up.
It hasn’t always been easy. Remember when you didn’t qualify in 2010? However, you picked yourself up and finished in third the next year with Eric Saade. You gave the ESC fandom Petra Mede, by far one of THE best Eurovision hosts of all time. (No I haven’t watched every contest but let’s be real— Petra is a boss).
I digress.
I just don’t know if this relationship is going to work out between us. You are Sweden and I am me. I love Eurovision and you love it too. Let’s just be friends. I think it is better that way.

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