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Helena Paparizou set for surprising Eurovision return?

Don’t we all just love a bit of the rumour mill? Recent rumours are suggesting that Cyprus have completely scrapped their national final and are now attempting to find the perfect act internally. And it seems they’ve started negotiations with former Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou!

Paparizou for Cyprus?

Recently, we found out that Cyprus was in the final stages of their audition process for their national final. Christer Bjรถrkman was in Cyprus to help them out. The song was also there, with Alex Papaconstantinou, also known as Alex P, having composed the entry for them.

However, last night, reports surfaced in Cypriot show media that there might be surprise coming from the Cypriots. They claimed the broadcaster had asked Helena Paparizou to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon.

This morning, the rumour received more backing when Greek music TV channel MAD TV also ran the story. It is important to note that nothing is set in stone yet, but it is also safe to say that a proposal has been made in some way.

Papaconstantinou and Paparizou

If this were to actually happen in Lisbon, the choice for Paparizou is not a strange one. Not just because she’s one of the biggest artists in Greece and Cyprus, or because she is a Eurovision winner, but also because she and composer Alex P go way back.

Back in the days of Antique, the band Helena Paparizou was the singer of, Alex P worked together with them. Even when the band split up, Papaconstantinou continued to work with Helena Paparizou.

He wrote four songs for her 2006 album “Iparhi Logos”, including singles like “Mambo” and “Gigolo”.

Seeking victory?

All we can do now is wait and see what happens. Judging from this rumour, Cyprus may be in it to win. They’ve been participating since 1981 and have not managed to score a top three place yet.

Maybe it’s time they pulled out the big guns? And pulling in Helena Paparizou would be a big gun. MAD TV’s report also stated they also sent the proposal to Tamta, but she reportedly turned down the offer. Instead, they seem to now have turned to Helena Paparizou.

For her, it would be a third time at Eurovision. She’s got quite a record going for her, finishing third in 2001 with Antique and winning the contest in 2005 with “My Number One”. In 2014, she entered Melodifestivalen in her country of birth, Sweden. Her “Survivor” made it to the final and finished in fourth there.

How would you feel about Helena Paparizou representing Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Let us know!

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