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Ireland reaching final stages of internal selection

RTÉ are close to reaching a conclusion in their search for Ireland’s act for Lisbon. Two panel members have dropped hints pointing in that direction on their respective Instagram stories. 

Big potential to ‘No no no no no no’

The respective jury members are well known faces in the Eurovision world. One of them is Alon Amir. Amir is an Israeli music manager, who’s been involved with managing Eeurovision acts more than once. The other is Eoghan McDermott, who has also hosted Ireland’s Junior Eurovision national final multiple times.

Both men have shared their views on some of the songs on Instagram. Their posts give us a bit of insight into RTÉ’s method of picking an entry. All jury members are asked to rate a song from 1-10 and comment on them as well. And it seems like those comments give away some more hints.

Alon Amir was quite clear in his hints. You can see his post below, but the most noteworthy comment is “No no no no no no no” for the sixth song on the list. Sadly, we don’t know what McDermott thought, as his picture only contained comments for the first five songs.

Good to know is that both jury members seem positive about some of the songs they received. For McDermott, the third song seems to work, as he thinks it has “big potential”, even though Amir says he’s heard it hundreds of times and thinks it won’t qualify.

On the other hand Amir, it’s songs two and eight that do the trick, although they will need some work, it seems. Looking at song two, McDermott says it reminds him of Adele and Amy Winehouse…

Who’s the act?

Rumours have been going around as to who could represent Ireland at Eurovision 2018. One of the rumoured acts was John Lydon. Those rumours have gone silent lately, with people pointing in other directions.

The main direction people are pointing in now is a band. Sisters Louise and Ellie Macnamara form the indie group Heathers together. They may well be the chosen act for Lisbon, if we’re to believe current rumours.

RTÉ haven’t commented on an announcement date just yet, but it is expected before the end of the month. Whether we’ll get both the song and the artist is not sure, but it’ll be interesting to see how McDermott’s and Amir’s favourites will fare…

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