Alexander Rybak releases video for MGP entry

And that’s how you write a song! Alexander Rybak has sure managed to get the discussions going with his MGP return with “That’s How You Write A Song”. Now, he’s also released a video for the song.

That’s how you… make a video?

The video starts off with a young boy writing Rybak a letter: I want to write a song, but how do I start? And that’s when Alexander Rybak starts explaining how one can write a song.

Of course, the video is filled with his violin scenes and some dances only Rybak can manage to pull off. Furthermore, the video heavily uses some on screen graphics. The video Rybak released was made for the extended version of the song.

The typical Alexander Rybak are all there for the video. There’s an easy choreography, heavy use of instruments and a catchy tune to go with it. That catchy tune has however managed to get people talking on social media…

Mixed reactions

Alexander Rybak’s return to Eurovision has not gone by unnoticed. The reactions on social media go from extremely positive to extremely negative. Nevertheless, it seems Rybak is one of the favourites to win MGP 2018 at this moment. Is this the ultimate guilty please? Below you can see some of the most noteworthy comments, both positive and negative.

One thing is for sure. NRK have managed to draw quite a bit of attention to their national final by including Alexander Rybak in the line-up. On 10th March, we’ll see whether Alexander Rybak can manage to enter the Eurovision Song Contest once more. MGP 2018 will then be taking place, with ten acts fighting for that one ticket to represent Norway in Lisbon.

What do you think of Alexander Rybak’s for his entry for MGP 2018, “That’s How You Write A Song”? Let us know below or on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter!

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