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[UPDATE]: Helena Paparizou seen at ERT; close to signing Cyprus deal?

INFE Greece have just reported that Helena Paparizou has been seen at ERT headquarters today. The Greek singer was seen there by a member of the Greek Eurovision website…ย 

The Paparizou plot thickens…

It seems the plot is thickening. Sure, Helena could have been at ERT for many reasons. INFE also confirm that they do not know why the singer was there. However, the thought of Helena agreeing to confirm the Cypriot deal in Athens isn’t all that weird.

The Greek and the Cypriot broadcaster have signed a deal to extend their cooperation. They’ll be working closely together. That could mean ERT’s building could be used to film any announcement Helena Paparizou would want to make regarding her possible Eurovision adventure. INFE Greece say they might be filming an announcement video at ERT studios today.

Where is the Head of Delegation?

Nothing is sure. Helena could be there for an interview, discussing a new season of The Voice – you name it. But, of course, there is some more information as to why one could believe she was there for Cyprus.

Rumour has it that the Cypriot Head of Delegation travelled to Athens this week to meet up with members of Helena’s record label MINOS EMI. The rumours suggest that Helena herself is eager to represent the island nation in Lisbon.

Announcement soon?

Several reports seem to suggest that an announcement could be imminent. Cypriot media are making the Helena Paparizou story their top priority these days and are trying to find out more.

It should by now be certain that meetings have taken place. Just a few days after the story first surfaced, more details are getting clear. The team, involving Helena Paparizou and her record label, would possibly be making their decision tomorrow. With that decision coming closer, a meeting today would come in very handy to finalise any details that might need finalising…

Can we expect an announcement soon? If all parties manage to close the deal, one would expect so. If the deal falls through (and that is still a possibility), we could be waiting a while…

MediaMagazine Greece are now reporting that the final talks have ended. Their report states that a deal has been made. Both parties have, allegedly, signed the deal. The Greek media outlet expect an announcement this Friday. Helena Paparizou - Survivor (Live @ Melodifestivalen 2014, Semi-final 1)Helena Paparizou – Survivor (Live @ Melodifestivalen 2014, Semi-final 1)

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