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Madalena Iglésias passes away, aged 78

Sad news coming from Portugal today. One of their first Eurovision entrants, Madalena Iglésias has passed away. She was aged 78.

A true icon

Madalena Iglésias rose to fame in the late 1950s. She soon became involved in a national movement for new music. She often worked together with stars like Simone de Oliveira (Eurovision 1965 and 1969).
Her talent soon made sure she had a nickname in Portugal. Her fans called her the Queen of Radio and Television, also praising her for the numerous television performances she had.
In 1966, she decided to enter Festival da Canção. She went on to win the 1966 edition of the Portuguese selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song “Ele e Ela” became the third Portuguese song ever at Eurovision. For the third consecutive year, Portugal finished in thirteenth place. A Spanish version of the entry would later be released in Spain, the Netherlands and France.

Madalena Iglésias: A wanderer

In the early 1970s, Madalena left Europe. She moved to Venezuela and lived there for quite a long period. For over fifteen years, she had a career in Venezuela, performing in several TV shows.
In 1987, she returned to Europe. She settled in Barcelona. She had some memorable performances in Portugal left, with the Grande Noite do Fado of 1991 being another highlight in her long career.
Madalena Iglésias passed away in a hospital in Barcelona this morning. Her children announced the news on her official Facebook page, stating:

With immense sadness, we have to announce the passing of our beloved and admired mother. We would like to thank all of you for the love and respect you have always showed her. You were a major part of her happiness.
She was born to sing. And she will keep singing.

The thoughts of the entire team are with Madalena Iglésias’s family and friends in these difficult times.

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