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Vidbir 2018 finalists announced for Ukraine

Ukraine have announced the acts taking part in Vidbir 2018. Their national final is filled by Ukrainian hopefuls, who are all eager to fly their flag in Lisbon. Among the participants, we see the expected names of Tayanna and Mélovin.

Tayanna, Mélovin and more

The twenty acts were revealed on UA:PBC’s Twitter page just this morning. You can see the list of all acts below:

  • Tayanna
  • Kadnay
  • Pur Pur
  • Mélovin
  • Illaria
  • The Erised
  • Serhii Babkin
  • Constantine
  • Kozak System
  • The ВЙО
  • Julinoza
  • Dilemma
  • Kazka
  • Yurcash
  • Mountain Breeze
  • Ingret Kostenko
  • Vil’na
  • Laud

The songs they will sing will be announced at a later date. However, we do know Tayanna will bring an uptempo effort relating to the hint ‘Tick tock’ after she had to withdraw “Kvitka” from the show. Her Vidbir 2018 song is expected soon.
Mélovin will also take part with a song he released just yesterday. His song is called “Under The Ladder“.

Draw to be completed

UA:PBC also announced that the draw would take place on 19th January. The eighteen acts will then be split into two semifinals. Those semifinals will then take place on 10th and 17th February. The final will be a week later, on 24th February.

Last year, Ukraine hosted the contest in Kyiv. It was their second time hosting the contest, after Jamala took the crown in 2016. On home soil, O.Torvald finished almost last in the final of the contest. Their “Time” could not convince the juries or the televoting audience in May. It was one of Ukraine’s worst results ever in the Eurovision Song Contest since débuting back in 2003.
Are you hopeful that Ukraine could make their way back into the top ten of the Eurovision Song Contest? If so, which Vidbir 2018 act could do it? Let us know below or on social media such as Facebook and Twitter!

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