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Twitter account posing as UK HoD tries to trick unsuspecting fans

Earlier this evening, an account started on Twitter in the name of Helen Riddell, the Head of Delegation for the United Kingdom. BBC have now confirmed to us at that the account is fake.

Looking for fans

The account followed UK fans to find people who would be involved in a secret listening session for Eurovision: You Decide. Several fans received direct messages from the account, stating they had been selected by Helen Riddell herself.
The lack of correct English grammar soon made bells ring with several Eurovision fans. However, others soon started engaging with the account.

BBC statement

We have reached out to the BBC to see whether the account was affiliated to them. A BBC spokesperson confirmed to us that this was indeed, as expected, not the case. He stated:

This is a a fake account and is not affiliated with Helen or the BBC.

The BBC are clear in their statement and are asking fans not to engage with the account.

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