An Xtra Happy Birthday; January 17th

Yesterday on 16th of January were four Eurovision artist who celebrated their birthday. Today however, there is one Eurovision birthday boy. The song he sang, is called a “something tiny” in English, and it somewhat came true. Because something “tiny” came up during the performance which meant he got to perform his song again at the final. Daniel Diges was born on this day.

Daniel Diges, 37

Spain picked Daniel to perform on their behalf in 2010 when he won the national selection. Therefore he went on stage in Oslo, Norway. He sang the song “Algo pequeñito” written by Jesús Cañadilla. Jesús also took part in the 2009 national selection in 2009 with the song, “Sumondo Puntos” but was not selected that year.

Like mention earlier, Diges got to perform the song again, since somebody came on stage and joined the “dancing toys”. The security had to come on stage to remove the intruder. At the end of the voting, the song scored 58 points which gave him the 15th place.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish Daniel a wonderful birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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