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Professional juries highlight three songs as excellent in Bulgaria’s selection

Bulgaria’s National Broadcaster, BNT, has released a statement in which they give out more information regarding their internal selection.

In the past two weeks, a panel of music professionals and fans have been working towards helping Bulgaria select their representative. However, there can only be one and at this stage of the competition 13 projects have been narrowed down to only three.
The three highest scoring acts have met the threshold of 7 on average mark in all panels.

From Amazing to Awful

The high variety of entries have been marked by the jurors with a score that corresponds to the quality of the specific song in question.
Eurovision Bulgaria
All the entries have been split into 5 categories accordingly (Awful, Below Average, Average, Excellent, Amazing).
Amazing – an entry with great potential to win the contest;
Excellent – an entry that could finish in the TOP 5 or win;
Average – an entry that can qualify for the Grand Final but finish outside the TOP 10;
Below Average – an entry  that has a chance to qualify for Grand Final but most probably will miss it out;
Awful – an entry that would not appeal to the viewers, therefore wouldn’t qualify;
*The average mark of all the 13 projects is 4,84 while the top three projects all rank between 7,50 and 7,85.

Xtra Help

We are happy to inform our readers that a number of our teammates were among the lucky few that got to help Bulgaria narrow down their extremely competitive internal selection.

Bulgaria at Eurovision

Despite only managing to qualify for the grand final on three occassions out of eleven participations, Bulgaria has emerged as a force to be reckon with. Interestingly enough, all of their qualifications have resulted with a top 5 finish.
Debuting in 2005, qualifying with “Water” in 2007, taking a two year break from the contest in 2014 and 2015. Bulgaria’s journey at the Eurovision Song Contest has not been an easy one, however they have certainly managed to effectively re-brand themselves as a powerhouse.
Moreover, Kristian Kostov managed to give Bulgaria its best result in the contest yet. Despite scoring massively with both the public and the juries, his entry “Beautiful Mess” came 2nd overall with 615 points.

⇓ What our team had to say about Bulgaria’s 2017 entry “Beautiful Mess” ⇓

The FINAL Xtra Files: We Review Bulgaria’s ‘Beautiful Mess’ by Kristian Kostov!

Who would you like to see as Bulgaria’s 2018 Eurovision Song contest representative? Can Bulgaria achieve their best result and take the Eurovision trophy home? What’s your favorite Bulgarian entry so far?
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and on all social media such as Facebook and Twitter, at @ESCXTRA.

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