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Tonight: Destination Eurovision, A Dal & Eurovizijos

With a fourth national final underway tonight, the Eurovision 2018 season is well on its way. Tonight, we have the second show of Eurovizijos in Lithuania 🇱🇹, the first heat of A Dal in Hungary 🇭🇺 and the second semifinal of Destination Eurovision in France 🇫🇷.


First up tonight, the second heat of this year’s edition of“Eurovizijos” dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka will take place. The twelve competing artists and their songs are:

  1. Juozas Martin – “Don’t Give Up”
  2. Justina Žukauskaitė – “Love Doesn’t Lie”
  3. Elvina Milkauskaitė & Balys Kulikauskas – “So Long My Love, My Lover”
  4. LJ – “Over Now”
  5. Rūta Kotryna – “Ghost”
  6. Saulės kliošas – “Man gaila”
  7. Twosome – “Hello”
  8. Paula – “1 2 3”
  9. Audrius Petrauskas – “In My Bones”
  10. Elizabeth Olshey – “Bejausmis”
  11. Mia – “Arrows”
  12. Emilija Valiukevičiūtė – “Bye Bye”

Half of the competing artists will be eliminated tonight based on a 50/50 split between the jury and the public televote.

A Dal

Ten entries will make up the first heat in A Dal 2018. The ten competing artists tonight are:

  1. Ceasefire X – “Satellites”
  2. Fourtissimo feat. Markanera – “Kisnyuszi a kalapban”
  3. Viktor Király – “Budapest Girl”
  4. Gabi Knoll – “Nobody to Die For”
  5. Leander Kills – “Nem szól harang”
  6. Living Room – “Kirakat élet”
  7. Noémo – “Levegőt!”
  8. Patikadomb – “Jó szelet!”
  9. Zsolt Süle – “Zöld a május”
  10. Tamás Vastag – “Ne hagyj reményt”

From these ten, six entries will qualify to the semi-finals after two rounds of voting.
In the first round, five qualifiers will be determined by the combination of scores from each of the four jurors and an aggregate score from a viewer vote based on scores submitted through SMS, mobile app and online voting.
A wildcard act will be selected in the second round of voting from the remaining five entries that were not in the initial top five. A public vote will decide this final qualifier.

Destination Eurovision

After last week’s tense results during the first semi-final, another show takes place on France 2 to decide the remaining 4 artists who will proceed to the final of Destination Eurovision. The nine competing entries are:

  1. Lucie – “My World”
  2. Madame Monsieur – “Mercy”
  3. Jane Constance – “Un jour j’ai rêvé”
  4. Nassi – “Rêves de gamin”
  5. Igit – “Lisboa Jérusalem”
  6. Max Cinnamon – “Ailleurs”
  7. Sarah Caillibot – “Tu me manques”
  8. Sweem – “Là-haut”
  9. June The Girl – “Same”

In addition to their contest entry, each participating act will perform a cover of a popular song.
The qualifiers will be selected by a combination of votes by an international jury comprised of Heads of Delegations from other Eurovision nations and a Francophone jury of singers.

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