An Xtra Happy Birthday; January 20th!

Yesterday on 19th of January, three Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday! Today however is a Spanish singer who has a birthday. He was a part of a boy-band and like such a band sung a love song. The birthday boy of the day was a member of the band D’Nash! Do you know who it might be?


Michael Hennet Sotomayor , 35 (D’Nash)

Spain selected the boy vocal band D’Nash in 2007 to sing on their behalf at Eurovision. Therefore Mikel and the other members of the band went on stage in Helsinki, Finland.  Mikel is the guy with the dark hair and no beard. All dressed in white they sang “I Love You Mi Vida”. At the end of the voting the song got 43 points, leaving it 20th out of 24 acts. They reunited in 2016 at and performed at Objetivo Eurovisión the Spanish nation selection. This time they all were wearing black and Mikel had grown beard.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish Mikel all the best on his birthday!

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