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Timebelle’s Miruna: I don’t want to return to Eurovision…yet

In a recent interview with, Miruna talked about her participation in the 2017 contest and her time in Kyiv.

“It was the worst and most beautiful time of my life!”

In the interview, Miruna has mentioned that in the days leading up to the Semi-Final, she was feeling unwell as she could not speak anymore. She was afraid to fail in front of millions but grateful for the experience.
However, she mentioned how helpful SRF was in order to try and get her fit and well for the Semi-Final. Despite their efforts, Timebelle failed to qualify for the Grand Final and were sent home. She described it as :
“The departure was very tragic. It’s almost like something’s dying in me”
However, she has mentioned that participating in the Eurovision is not meant to be.

Another participation out of the equation at the moment

When Miruna was asked if she would be interested in participating in Eurovision again, she has mentioned that she is not interested at the moment. However, she has mentioned the following:

“As I think in five years, I do not know. Maybe it’ll grab me again. “

Timebelle in the Eurovision Song Contest

Miruna was selected to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. The band participated in the contest with their song “Appollo”. However, despite being a fan favorite Timebelle has failed to qualify for the Grand Final, finishing 12th in their Semi-Final with 97 Points.
Are you interested in seeing Miruna participating in the Eurovision Song Contest again?. If so, would you want her to participate for Switzerland or Romania?. Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA 


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I started watching Eurovision ever since I moved to the UK in 2006, obsessed since 2012 and haven't looked back since.

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