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RTS reveals the names of the artists competing in Beovizija 2018

Serbia’s National Broadcaster, RTS, releases the names of the artists competing in this years comeback edition of Beovizija 2018.

Interestingly enough, the comeback of the festival is symbolically followed by a comeback of Montenegro’s 2012 Eurovision representative, Rambo Amadeus.

Beovizija 2018 acts

The acts competing for the chance to represent Serbia at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest are:

  • “Ni sunca ni meseca” – Ivan Kurtić
    Music: Rastko Aksentijević
    Lyrics: Rastko Aksentijević
    Arrangement: Rastko Aksentijević, Milorad Kocić


  • “Nema te” – Rambo Amadeus i Beti Đorđević
    Music: Aca Pejčić
    Lyrics: Antonije Pušić, Tanja Kragujević
    Arrangement: Antonije Pušić, Aca Pejčić


  • “Vila” – Boris Režak
    Music: Boris Režak
    Lyrics: Boris Režak, Nikola Raonić
    Arrangement: Aleksandar Rakić


  • “Ruža sudbine” – Danijel Pavlović
    Music: Danijel Pavlović
    Lyrics: Marina Tucaković
    Arrangement: Saša Milošević Mare i Marko Kon


  • “Naša deca” – Sanja Ilić i Balkanika
    Music: Sanja Ilić, Tanja Ilić
    Lyrics: Danica Krstajić
    Arrangement: Darko Dimitrov


  • “Bar da znam” – Srđan Marijanović
    Music, lyrics and arrangement: Srđan Marijanović


  • “Probudi se” – Osmi vazduh i drugari
    Music: Marko Kuzmanović
    Lyrics: Lena Kuzmanović
    Arrangement: Marko Kuzmanović


  • “Pod krošnjom bagrema” – Dušan Svilar
    Music, lyrics, arrangement: Goran Kovačević


  • “Pesma za tebe” – Saška Janković
    Music: Saška Janković, Marko Nikolić
    Lyrics: Saška Janković
    Arrangement: Saška Janković, Marko Nikolić


  • “Jutros” (Svatovi) – Biber i DJ Niko Bravo
    Music: Rastko Aksentijević
    Lyrics: Nikola Burovac
    Arrangement: Boris Krstajić


  • “Zato” – Koktel Balkan
    Music, lyrics and arrangement: Bojan Jeremić
  • “Umoran” – BASS
    Music, lyrics and arrangement: Sofija Milutinović


  • “Jača sam od svih” – Lana i Aldo
    Music, lyrics and arrangement: Lana i Aldo


  • “Hajde da igramo sada” – Sevdah bejbi
    Music: Milan Stanković, Predrag Radisavljević
    Lyrics: Milan Stanković, Predrag Radisavljević, Tijana Žunjić
    Arrangement: Milan Stanković


  • “Zemlja čuda” – Maja Nikolić
    Music: Vladimir Graić
    Lyrics: Mia Pijade
    Arrangement: Ivan Ranisavljević


  • “Samo nek se okreće” – Lord
    Music: Vladimir Preradović Lord
    Lyrics: Vladimir Preradović Lord
    Arrangement: Vladimir Preradović Lord


  • “Beži od mene” – Igor Lazarević
    Music: Igor Lazarević
    Lyrics: Igor Lazarević
    Arrangement: Marko Kon, Ivan Mirković – Bambi

Beovizija and Eurovision

Despite being immensely popular in the Balkan region, the format was only used to determine Serbia’s Eurovision representative three times. The most memorable moment for Serbia in the contest has to be Marija’s 2007 winning entry “Molitva”.

Gaining momentum after Serbia’s Eurovision win, Beovizija was on the radar in the Eurovision fandom. The sixth winner of the festival was the immensely popular Jelena Tomasevic and her ethnic ballad “Oro“.

Unfortunately, the last edition of Beovizija resulted with a non qualification at Eurovision. Despite delivering a vivid performance, Marko Kon did not manage to take Serbia to the finals with his entry “Cipela“.

Serbia at Eurovision

Starting off their Eurovision journey with a win in 2007, Serbia really had big shoes to fill. Their best scoring entries include Zeljko’s 2012 effort with “Nije Ljubav Stvar” and ending up third overall. Furthermore, Jelena’s “Oro” finished 6th on home ground in 2008. Bojana’s 2015 entry “Beauty Never Lies” also made it to the top ten.

Since their début at Eurovision 2007, Serbia have failed to make the final three times. In Kyiv, Tijana represented the nation and was unsuccessful in bringing the country to the final. Her entry “In Too Deep” crashed out in the semifinal, despite opening the show with a bang.

What do you think of the lineup for Beovizija? Are you surprised to see some of these acts battling it out for Serbia? Did you expect for Rambo Amadeus to eventually make his Eurovision comeback? Who are you looking forward to the most?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media at @ESCXTRA.


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