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Greek national final on February 16th?

There’s news from Greece! It’s been a while, but it now seems clear that the Greek national final will take place on February 16th. The show will take place at the ERT studios in Katehaki.

Live show

The national final will, according to INFE Greece, be aired live on February 16th. The acts will however not be singing live. As the post says, the acts will all record official videos. Those official videos will then be aired during the national final.

It would be the second year in a row for Greece not to have live performances during the national final. Last year, Demy’s songs were also broadcast in official videos without her singing any of them live.

Three very Greek acts

According to earlier reports, just three acts will take part in the show. The Greek broadcaster has set clear expectations for their entry for Lisbon. All acts need to sing in Greek. Furthermore, they all need to sound Greek and contain traditional elements of Greek culture and music.

The broadcaster invited several record labels to submit acts following the set expectations. Only three entries were considered to fit all requirements:

  • Areti Ketime – Min Xehnas Ton Ilio
  • Gianna Terzi – Oneira Mou
  • Chorostalites – Apo Tin Thraki Os Tin Kriti

Next week, ERT will meet with representatives of all record labels. They will be discussing the final touches of the national final after negotiations had been on hold for a while.. One of the points on the schedule will be the financial aspect of the participation, as ERT probably will not be able to pay for the entire fee on its own.

Restore success?

In the early 00s, Greece became a dominant factor in the Eurovision Song Contest. They scored nine top ten finishes in just ten years between 2004 and 2013. However, ever since then, they’ve failed to make the top fifteen. Last year’s hopeful, Demy, finished in just nineteenth place despite high hopes before the contest.

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