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Waylon to reveal Dutch entry on March 10th?

Dutch news portal have reported that the Netherlands are planning their entry reveal for March 10th. The entry will feature on Waylon’s new album, which he will promote through a club tour.

The World Can Wait

Waylon’s new tour has also been announced today. During that tour, he will perform songs from his new album. That album will be titled “The World Can Wait”. About the tour and album, he says:

I hope everyone will leave their smartphones at home or at least turn them off. By recording or taking pictures, you create a filter between what you see, feel, hear and experience. What’s a memory if you have to share it? Just as if it never happened. It would be beautiful if people could step away from that and just enter the dialogue with me during the show. Just enjoy, the world can wait.

The album will be released just after the Eurovision Song Contest. It will contain Waylon’s Eurovision entry. claim that the entry will be revealed on March 10th. With that, The Netherlands would be one of the last countries to reveal their entry for Lisbon. AVROTROS are yet to confirm the date.

Waylon’s club tour

The title of the club tour is, just like the album, going to be “The World Can Wait”. It will start on April 12th in Venlo, followed by Hoofddorp a day later. On the 14th, the annual Eurovision in Concert has been planned. It has not yet been confirmed whether Waylon will attend the event or not.

After arriving back in the Netherlands, the Dutch singer’s first concert will be in Breda on 24th May. His tour will on September 30th in Purmerend. On his tour, the biggest venues he’ll visit will be Paradiso (Amsterdam), Tivoli (Utrecht) and 013 in Tilburg.

In 2018, Waylon will be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest. He previously took part in 2014 as part of The Common Linnets. Their “Calm After The Storm” finished in second place in Copenhagen. After the contest, Waylon and Ilse DeLange decided to split up, with DeLange continuing with The Common Linnets.

What are you hoping to see from Waylon at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Are you planning on visiting his tour? Let us know!

Waylon - Our SongWaylon – Our Song

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