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Mikolas Josef wins international jury vote

In a short livestream on Facebook, the Czech Republic have announced the winner of the international jury vote in their national final. The winner of that voting was Mikolas Josef and his song “Lie To Me”.

Eurovision stars pick Mikolas Josef

The international jury members were revealed yesterday. All ten of them are former entrants of the Eurovision Song Contest, mostly from last year. Those ten were:

  • Dami Im
  • Iveta Mukuchyan
  • Nathan Trent
  • Jalisse
  • Liora
  • Robin Bengtsson
  • Naviband
  • Sanja Vucic
  • SunStroke Project
  • Norma John

These ten all voted privately on the acts. Of the six acts, they chose Mikolas Josef and “Lie To Me” as their favourite. He was already considered the favourite to win the show. The order of the other five competitors is not known yet. CT might reveal them next week.

Announcement on 30th January

Contrary to earlier reports, the Czech Republic will not announce their winner on 29th January. In the video, the Czech broadcaster mentioned that the winner of Eurovision Song CZ is going to be revealed next Tuesday. That means it won’t be 29th January, but 30th January instead.

The second part of the votes will consist of app votes. Czech fans could register their votes through the official Eurovision app. That vote has also closed yesterday, so the winner has already been decided. Seems like the Czechs want us to wait a little!

Whether Mikolas Josef will also win the entire national final is not yet sure, of course. He will still have to make sure he stays ahead of his five competitors. The line-up of the show was as follows:

  • Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me
  • Debbi – High On Love
  • Doctor Victor – StandUp
  • Pavel Callta – Never Forget
  • Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World
  • Eva Burešová – Fly

Do you think Mikolas Josef can also pull in the Czech app voters and win the ticket to Lisbon? Let us know below or on social media!

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