An Xtra Happy Birthday; January 26th!

Yesterday, on January the 25th there were quite a few Eurovision birthday stars. Today however there are only two Eurovision artist who celebrate their birthday. The birthday lady participated as a part of a duet, but unfortunately performed in the same year as ABBA who stole the show. The birthday boy on the other hand is best know because of how often he as participated on the Eurovision stage; a total of six times! Gary Lux and Cindy were born on this day.

Jutta Gusenberger (Cindy), 70

Germany selected the couple Cindy and Bert to perform on their behalf in 1974.  And that is why they went on stage in Brighton, UK. There they sang “Die Sommermelodie”. Like mentioned above, the contest was strong that year and the duet ended in last place along with three other countries. Cindy tried her luck a few more times at the German national selection, both with Bert as well as solo.

Gary Lux, 59

Gary has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest a total of six times! The first time Austria selected him, was in 1983. Then he was part of the group, Westend, and they sang the song “Hurricane“. The song got 53 points, thus reaching 9th place at the contest! The following year he was a back up singer for Anita.
Austria selected Gary Lux again in 1985, therefore he performed the song “Kinder Dises Welt” on stage in Gothenburg, Sweden. The song only scored 60 points which nonetheless secured the 8th place!
Two years later, 1987, Austria selected him once again to be their representative. This time with the song “Nur noch Gefühl”, which placed 20th out of 22 acts.
He came back to the Eurovision Contest two more times, when he was backing vocalist for the Austrian entries in 1993 and 1995.

We all here at escXtra warmly wish the two of them a wonderful birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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