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Destination Eurovision sees changes for Final

After two high-quality semifinals, France 2 are prepared for the Destination Eurovision final. With increased quality for the visuals and special effects announced by France 2, plus the confirmation of the scoring system that will be in place, the final announcement declared the appearance of last year’s representative Alma. 

Necessary to evolve the staging from semi to final

The Director of this year’s Destination Eurovision show, Mehdi Kerkouche, has confirmed on France 2 that there will be some changes that improve the production values for the Final. He says these are “necessary” so that each artist can give their maximum for the Final.

It is necessary to evolve the staging [for the Final] compared to the semi-final. For some we added special effects and decorative elements.

For French language speakers, you can hear the full interview below.

The points will be calculated the same as at Melodifestivalen

In an article by 20minutes which urges the public to vote strategically for a song that will be well-received by everyone across the continent, resulting in a strong performance at Eurovision itself, the voting procedure was also confirmed.
Ten international juries and the French public will have their say in the Destination Eurovision final in equal measure.
The nations represented on this jury are Sweden, Italy, Belarus, Israel, Finland, Iceland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Russia and Switzerland. The jurors will each attribute 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points to their preferred songs. 420 points will be awarded in total by the juries.
The public will also award a total of 420 points. These will be awarded based on the percentage of the vote that each song receives. If the winning entry received 50% of the vote, it would be awarded with 210 points, etc.

Last year’s representative Alma will appear

On their official Eurovision related social media channels today, France 2 have confirmed that last year’s representative Alma, who performed “Requiem” in Kyiv, will appear to pass the baton on to this year’s representative.

Alma will also replace Amir on the French panel tonight according to l’Internaute. Her entry “Requiem” finished 12th at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

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