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IRIAO to perform ”melodic, easy song” in Georgian

On New Year’s Eve, we found out that IRIAO will represent Georgia. One of its members, Mikheil Javakhishvili, has now told us a bit more about what to expect from them. He says they will be performing in Georgian. Their song should be melodic and easy to listen to.

GPB want some English from IRIAO

Javakhisvili said in an interview with that the band have asked GPB to sing entirely in Georgian. The broadcaster wasn’t all too convinced, it seems. They wanted the audience in Europe to be able to understand the message of the song. That is why Javakhisvili added that the group might add a couple of English lines to help the meaning of the song come across. Furthermore, about the use of language in Eurovision, he said:

Naturally, in most cases music does not require language. But we also consider that a large audience of listeners, like Eurovision, is worthy to be addressed in an international language.

David Malazonia as composer

David Malazonia is the leader of IRIAO. He has now also been working on the song IRIAO will perform in Lisbon. Javakhisvili said that Malazonia has written multiple songs. They’ve now been completed and the band, together with the broadcaster. will select the one for Lisbon.

The band do have a couple of requests with regards to their song. It has to be authentic, melodic and easy to listen to. Furthermore, it also needs to be understandable for a wide audience.

Javakhisvili said Salvador Sobral’s victory in Kyiv inspired the band. After winning, Sobral called for real music and true feelings. IRIAO want to bring exactly that to the Eurovision stage, without too much fuss around it. We shouldn’t expect big shows from the Georgians this year.

IRIAO want to release their song as soon as they can. Preferably before they travel to Portugal to record the postcard for Eurovision. They’ll be doing that in February.

Are you looking forward to hearing IRIAO’s Eurovision song? Let us know!

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