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Samantha Steenwijk expresses Eurovision dream

We haven’t even had the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 yet, but we already have someone who wants to represent her country in 2019. Dutch singer Samantha Steenwijk said so during The Voice of Holland last night.

Samantha Steenwijk for Eurovision?

If you’re talking experience, you’re talking Samantha Steenwijk. She’s taking part in The Voice of Holland 2018 as a contestant despite all these years in the business. Her main reason for doing that is the fact that her genre is the Dutch schlager and folk. That genre is not very common on commercial channels, such as RTL 4. That channel broadcasts The Voice of Holland.

During last night’s show, the producers asked Samantha about her biggest dreams. She said she didn’t need a lot of time to think about that. Her biggest dream was to fly the Dutch flag at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Samantha’s career so far

Samantha Steenwijk’s career is almost ready for its ten year anniversary. Her first single was released in 2009. Back in 2013, Samantha then entered a talent show on SBS 6 in The Netherlands. The show, “Bloed, Zweet en Tranen” was a talent show looking for folk and schlager singers in the Dutch music scene.

During that show, she finished in third place. It launched her career in the folk and schlager scene and allowed her to perform in front of large audiences. She got to do the half time show at the annual Toppers in Concert shows, where over fifty thousand people were attending.

Last year, she decided to take part in The Voice of Holland to make her audience even bigger. She chose Anouk as her coach, but lost during the Battle round. Sanne Hans, lead singer of Miss Montreal, then decided to steal her and progress to the liveshows with her.

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