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Martina Bárta auditions on DSDS 2018

Surprise, surprise! Sometimes, your career needs a little boost after the Eurovision Song Contest. That seems to be the case for last year’s Czech entrant, Martina Bárta. Last night, she appeared on Germany’s Idol show, Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar, to audition.

Martina Bárta makes Ella Endlich cry

Martina Bárta, who has lived in Berlin for over six years, entered the audition room in Cologne, hoping to get a ticket to the next round. She then sang “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga. She impressed the jury members for the way she delivered the song. Former Modern Talking star Dieter Bohlen (basically, Germany’s Simon Cowell) was commenting on her performance when Martina suddenly broke down in tears.

When jury member Carolin Niemczyk, singer of Glasperlenspiel, comforted her, she told us all what the reason for her tears was. Sadly, half a year ago she and her father have stopped talking. Reason enough for Ella Endlich, famous for taking part in Germany’s 2016 national final, to also let go of her tears.

In the end, all jury members were convinced with Martina’s performance. They sent the Czech singer through to the next show of the round. You can watch her audition here.

Eurovision 2017

In Kyiv, Martina Bárta represented her native country, the Czech Republic. The Czech delegation internally chose “My Turn” as her entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Despite being a qualifier with the juries, Martina’s song failed to make it through. That was mainly down to televoters, who only awarded “My Turn” two points.

After Eurovision, Martina went back to Berlin to work on her career. Part of that career now seems to be an adventure on DSDS. Interestingly though, not once did Martina mention her previous Eurovision experience… And that even though it’s only been eight months!

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Comments on Martina Bárta auditions on DSDS 2018

  • Branko

    I think the competition Eurovision was mentioned, but not directly. She said her father said to her rude things after she took part at a competition (could be Eurovision).

  • Nick van Lith

    That sort of bugs me though. She performed for 150 million people and calls it ‘a competition’, as if it was the local talent show of Keppeshausen. It’s like she wants to hide Eurovision.

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