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Pelageya Stefoglo argues: “Disqualifying me from the Moldovan selection is completely unfair!”

On 22 January, the Moldovan broadcaster disqualified Pelageya Stefoglo from the Moldovan selection process, O Melodie Pentru Europa, as she broke the show’s rules by participating with her entry, Let’s Start Together Right Now, in the Belarusian national selection. However, Pelageya considers the disqualification unfair!

Why is she angry?

The decision has annoyed Pelageya, as TRM listed her as taking part in the semi-final before being disqualified. Her reason for finding the disqualification unfair is that two other singers who had competed in the San Marinese selection have not been disqualified.

I applied for O Melodie Pentru Europe, and was initially included in the list of semi-finalists. Only then was I told that somebody had made a complaint, asking why I could take part in both the Moldovan and Belarusian selections. The rules say that this isn’t allowed.

TRM’s response

However, the Moldovan broadcaster argues that the singers took part in the San Marinese selection before they released the rules of the Moldovan selection and are therefore eligible to take part.
This is the part which Pelageya takes issue with in particular:

TRM have allowed two other artists to stay in the contest, despite participating the San Marinese selection. Allegedly, they applied for O Melodie Pentru Europa before TRM released the rules and are therefore excused from them. This is completely wrong and unfair – the rules should apply to everyone!

Pelageya Stefoglo’s Eurovision experiences

Pelageya attempted to represent Găgăuzia, a region of Moldova, in the Turkvision Song Contest in 2016 but came second. But then in 2017, she was internally selected to represent Moldova with Yallah Yallah!. However, the organisers cancelled the contest before it took place.

Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest

Moldova have participated 13 times in the Eurovision Song Contest, reaching the final nine times. Their best result came last year in Kyiv, Ukraine, when SunStroke Project represented them with Hey, Mamma!. They came 3rd with 374 points.

What do you think? Is Pelageya right to feel annoyed at her disqualification? Should Moldova let her take part?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on social media at @ESCXTRA!

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