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‘Unser Lied für Lissabon’ international jury line up announced

For the first time ever in Germany, an International jury will influence the result in the upcoming national selection Unser Lied für Lissabon.
ARD have today revealed the countries involved as well as the names of those on the expert panel. Each of the names announced have previously been a member of the Eurovision jury for their homeland.
The jury members are as follows:

Filip Adamo (41) Musician/Producer
Einar Bardason (45) Songwriter/Producer
TYPH Barrow (30) Singer
Bruno Berberes (59) Composer/Producer
Margaret Berger (32) Singer
Argyro Christodoulidou (35) Composer/Songwriter
Mark De Lisser (42) Vocal Coach
Henrik Johnsson (45) Producer
Rafailas Karpis (34) Singer
Tinkara Kovac (39) Singer
Eva Maria Lundin (38) Producer/Songwriter
Anca Lupes (49) Vocal Coach
Florent Luyckx (54) Director
Gore Melian (30) Singer
Rennie Mirro (46) Dancer/Choreographer
Helga Möller (60) Singer
Ruth Lorenzo (35) Singer
Sascha Reimann (44) Singer
Grzegorz Urban (34) Composer


A host of Eurovision performers on the panel

Noteable names on the list include Margaret Berger, the 2013 representative for Norway who reached 4th place in the grand final with the electro pop banger ‘I Feed You My Love’. Joining her is the 2014 representative for Slovenia, Tinkara Kovac, who reached the grand final with ‘Spet (Round and Round)’. Also from the 2014 contest is Ruth Lorenzo, who gave Spain one of their best placings in the last ten years with the ballad ‘Dancing In The Rain’. Finishing off the list of Eurovision performers is Helga Möller, who represented Iceland in 1986 as part of the vocal trio ICY.
The international jury will have a third of the overall say, with another third of the final vote being cast by a specially chosen German jury. The remainder of the vote will be decided by televoting.

Tickets still available

Tickets for the show are currently available to buy through the online platform, at a cost of 49 euros each. The show takes place at Studio Berlin Adlershof on Thursday 22nd February and can be seen on Das Erste HD and via an online webstream.

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