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Mikolas Josef to represent the Czech Republic in Lisbon!

In possibly the least surprising news of the day, Mikolas Josef will represent the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The singer won Eurovision Song CZ with his song “Lie To Me”.

A building hype around Mikolas Josef

Mikolas Josef was the favourite to represent the Czech Republic by miles. His song was rumoured as an internal selection until the Czech broadcaster opted for a national final. In that national final, fans thought his song “Lie To Me” was the clear favourite for victory.
That has now been confirmed by the Czech broadcaster. After the international jury already chose him as their favourite last week, the televoting now seems to have agreed.
The news was announced during the news on CT1, the first channel of the Czech Republic. Later, Mikolas Josef posted the following on his Instagram channel:

Second time in the final?

Mikolas Josef will hope to be the second ever finalist for the Czech Republic. Previously, in 2016, Gabriela Guncikova made it to the final with “I Stand”. She sadly received no points from televoters and finished near the bottom of the scoreboard.
The Czechs haven’t had a whole lot of luck in the contest. Their first three attempts between 2007 and 2009 gave them a total of ten points. They withdrew and came back in 2015, with Václav Noid Bárta and Marta Jandova, who failed to make the final yet again. Last year, Martina Bárta didn’t manage to make the final either.
Can Mikolas Josef turn the luck for the Czech Republic? Will he make it to the final for them? Let us know your thoughts!

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